Reading Masterpiece Theatre

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Every trimester you will celebrate one book equivalent you have read towards your twenty-five books by producing a Reading Masterpiece Theatre project.  The project consists of a creative presentation to students and parents as well as a critical report that must be turned in.  The project will receive two grades, one for the presentation and one for the report.


The Creative Presentation:

Just about anything goes.  You can do the following interpretations of the story or think of a way that is not mentioned.  The following are some ideas:

               Creative Presentation Rubric

    Meets the Standards:

    Exceeds Standards:

The Written Report

The written report is a critique of how the story is written.  The report should not just summarize what happens in the story but should follow this format:

Introduction: The title, author, basic plot of the story are included.

Paragraphs 2,3 and 4

Analyze the literary components of the story such as the author's development of the characters, conflict, theme, setting, use of humor, symbolism etc.  Focus on three components and be sure to include your own thoughts and opinions throughout the report.

Conclusion: Your basic overall feeling of the story.  Do you think others should read this story?

* I will show a model of this type of report before October.


            Critical  Report Rubric

Meets Standards:

Exceeds Standards: