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School Rules

I will show respect for others, their possessions and school property.

I will keep my hands, feet, and other objects to myself.

I will use acceptable language.

I will follow directions the first time they are given.

I will not prevent the teacher from teaching and other students from learning.


Recognition of Positive Behavior:

I believe in positively recognizing students who consistently follow these rules in many ways.  They are recognized as follows:

Homework Policy


Homework is a reinforcement of skills. Good homework habits will aid your child's success in future grades.  I believe in promoting positive at home work skills.  Students receive homework passes for consistent homework completion as well as random weekly treats.



Each trimester I allow the students to miss one assignment without consequence.  Subsequent assignments result in missed recess.  If two assignments are missed in a trimester I contact the parent by sending home a form letter.  If a student misses four homework assignments in a trimester it results in a detention.