Independent Reading

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Every year, students need to read twenty-five books or book equivalents.  Students also need to make sure to read various genres.  The following is a list of what equals "a book":

Books (Different genres should be covered such as fantasy, realistic fiction etc.)

From August - January 100 pages = 1 book

From January-Middle School 150 pages = 1 book

10 poems = 1 book

1 comic book = 1 book

1 magazine article or magazine (depending on reading level) = 1 book

1 Internet article = 1 book 

1 newspaper article = 1 book


Because the standard covers different genres, students do not need to read twenty five chapter books to meet this standard.  The poems and articles serve as "breaks" in length allowing students to easily meet the standard as well as gain exposure to various genres of text. 



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