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                                                       Mrs. Siemmao’s Schedule



8:25-8:45:  Attendance, Lunch Count, Morning Work

Morning Work:

Language Practice: Sheet or DLP (correction of sentences and identifying parts of speech)

Math Boxes: From Math For Today

Reading Response:  Question posed from a story the students are reading that allows them to connect to the story.



8:45-11:05 Language Arts Block

Science with Mrs. Siemmao




Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop



Special Subjects:


Mon:  P.E. 8:40-9:28

Tues:  Music:  9:24-10:12

Wed.:  Library: 9:29-10:17

Thurs.: Art:  9:29-10:17


11:05-11:45  (20 minute lunch) Lunch/ (20 minute recess) Recess


11:50-12:40 Switch #1 to math with Mrs. McKenna or Mrs. Houghton



12:40-1:30 Switch #2 to Social Studies with Mrs. Maxwell


1:35-1:55 Recess


1:55-2:00 Homework Review as a class


2:00-2:40: Reader's Workshop: Literature Circles/Conferences


2:40: Prepare for dismissal:  Students complete class jobs completed, safety patrol are dismissed


2:50-3:04 Closing Announcements, walkers and busses are called.