Amanda’s Memoir




            “You’re late for swim class!” my sister Olivia said. I got up with a moan. I got all my swim gear on and went out the door. It was a sunny day with a light blue sky. It was a perfect day for swim lessons! I got in the car and buckled up. We drove out of my driveway until we got on a highway. Before I knew it, I was at swim class. We got out of the car and took everything we needed out of the trunk. We hurried down the path to the lake. Olivia picked out a spot next to the shore. We got set up and sat in our chairs. I looked around the corner and I saw my class in the water. I told my mom and went in the water with them.

            My swim teachers and I know each other very well. I have been going there for five years. One of them is named Kate and I think the other one is named Casey. I had four people in my class. There was a girl, two boys, and myself. When we were in the water the fish were swimming in circles around my feet. I could feel their tails slapping against my ankles whenever I tried to take a step forward. During my swim lesson, the first thing we had to do was get warmed up. We went all the way under and picked up a handful of sand. Since it was the first day, we didn’t have to do certain things. We just showed them what we could do. Thirty minutes went by and my swim class was over. Olivia’s swim class was next. When her class was finished, we went to Bess Easton and got popsicles. That was my first day of swim class and I had lots of fun.