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Dear Tiogue & Western Coventry Families,                                                      06/01/05


            It is that time of year again when we all start making plans for the summer.  Plans like summer vacations, outings, family events and SUMMER READING.  There are many opportunities available to the students associated with summer reading.  Below you will find a list of these opportunities.

            1. Coventry Public Library—The library has many events (storytellers, magicians, crafts, etc…) planned for the summer.  These events are open to everyone.  Each student who enrolls in their summer program should read at least 6 books.  At the end of the summer, there will be prizes for all students meeting this goal of 6 books.  To find out more, you can stop by the library (enrollment starts on June 21st) or check out their website at

            2. Barnes & Noble—For this program, students are required to read 8 books and keep a journal.  A copy of the journal is attached.  Once they finish, they are eligible for a free book.  These journals may be dropped off between May 30th and September 9th.

            3. Showcase Cinemas—Every Wednesday from June 29th to August 17th at 10am, students can receive free admission to the movie of the day by bringing in a book report.  Guardians and children under 6 who accompany these students also get in free. More information will be available soon by calling the theatre or checking out their website (

            As you can see, there are many opportunities and rewards for summer reading this year.  Please keep in mind that a student may opt to do more than one of these.  If they read 6 books for the Coventry Public Library, all they would have to do is read 2 more and fill in the journal to receive a free book from Barnes & Noble.  They could also take one of their books, write a book report and receive a free admission into a movie. 

            What a great way to make summer reading a family event!  Enjoy the summer and remember to read, read, read!



                                                                                    Have Fun Reading,


                                                                                    Crystal L. Richardson

                                                                                    (Library Media Specialist)


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