Dear Parents,

Please read the following rules, consequences, rewards, student of the month criteria and homework policy with you son or daughter and sign the bottom. It is very important that we work together to have a very productive year in 5th grade.


Patricia Maxwell


1. I will show respect for others, their possessions, and school property.

2. I will keep my hands, feet, and other objects to myself.

3. I will use acceptable language.

4. I will follow directions the first time they are given.

5. I will not prevent the teacher from teaching or other students from learning.

Negative Consequences

When a student breaks a rule:

1st time:  a warning is placed on the chart

2nd time: a minus (-)* is placed on the chart

3rd time: two minuses are placed on the chart

4th time: three minuses are placed on the chart and the student is removed from the team

5th time: a parent is contacted

Severe clause the student is sent to the principal if he or she is ever a danger to himself/herself or others

*a minus may always be changed into a + by excellent behavior

*minuses are counted up to determine a conduct grade for report cards

Positive Reinforcement

When students behave they are given:

-Verbal praise and/or positive notes

-team treats - pencils, stickers

-class rewards - movies, extra recess, game time

-individual rewards - no HW coupons, prize box pick


4 or less minuses (-) on the chart / 0 H's for homework

Homework Policy

Homework needs to be turned in on time. If a student misses a homework assignment, they will earn a H on the check chart and will remain in at recess to complete the assignment. If a student misses three homework assignments a parent will be contacted and we will discuss a course of action. Homework h's and minuses are also counted to determine learner quality grades.

Emergencies happen at all households once in a while. If an emergency occurs, please phone me at school, 397-3355, write a note or e-mail me,   I have read and discussed the above rules, consequences and rewards and criteria for student of the month with my son/daughter.

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