Student Writing Which Exceeds Standard



By Kayla

 Friendship is a gift that we all have

Coming to you in different ways

 Friendship is like an ever blooming flower

With petals of rage and smiles

 Friendship is like a piece of candy

With sweet and sour bits

 Friendship is like a painting

Expressed with colorful feelings

 Friendship is something that comes and goes

So when it arrives never lose hold



by Alex

On the outside you look like a meteor falling to earth.

You feel like a slippery floor inside.

When I peel you, you sound like paper that is ripping.        

When I slice you, you sound like a person chopping wood.

Inside you look like the earths core fiery hot inside.    

On the outside you feel like skin that has tiny little hairs on them.

You smell like a tropical island fruit.

You taste like a sweet apple and a sour apple mixed together. 

Tell me peach, why do you look so sweet but you taste so sour?



By Taylor

Friendship is a gift everyone has,

 It is the sweetness of a candy!

 Friendship is a painting with beautiful colors,

 It has colorful feelings,

 Friendship is loyalty, never revenge,

 It is honesty, not a lie,

 It is an ever blooming flower,

        Friendship is a secret everyone has!   




                                                                           By Dakota

                                Friendship is like an ever blooming flower,              

         That no one wants to die,

Friendship is its own family,

         Thatís never big enough,

Itís a love hate situation,

         That no one wants to end,

       Friendship is an everlasting rainbow,

                   With a pot of cold at the end,                    

Friendship is a seed,

          That never stops growing,

    Friendship is something,

          You donít want to let go of.