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Electric Eels

Sting Rays

Sort 19 (Short -a and Long -a ~ CVCe, CVVC, CVV)

Sort 20 (Short -o and Long -o ~ CVCe, CVVC, CVV)

Sort 21 (Short -u and Long -u ~ ew & ue)

Sort 22 (Short -i and Long -i ~ CVCe, igh, & y)

Sort 23 (Short -i and Long -i with Short -o and Long -o

Sort 24 (Review of Long-Vowel Patterns

Sort 25 (ar / are / air)

Sort 26 (er /ear / eer)

Sort 27 (ir / ire / ier)

Sort 28 (or /ore /oar)

Sort 29 (ur /ure / ur-e)

Sort 30 (Review of ar, Schwa+r, and or)

Sort 31 (oi / oy)

Sort 32 (Double 0)

Sort 33 (aw / au)

Sort 34 (wa / al / ou)

Sort 35 (ou / ow)


Sort 1(Review of Vowel Patterns in One-Syllable Words)

Sort 2 (Adding -ing to Words with VC & VCC Patterns)

Sort 3 (Adding -ing to Words with VCe & VVC Patterns

Sort 4 (Inflected Endings~Review of Double, e-Drop, & Nothing)

Sort 5 (Adding -ed to Words with Double, e-Drop, & No Change)

Sort 6 (Unusual Past Tense Words)

Sort 7 (Plurals Ending with -es)

Sort 8 (Unusual Plurals)

Sort 9 (Final y)

Sort 10 (Plurals of y Words)

Sort 11 (y + Inflected Endings)

Sort 12 (Compound Words)

Sort 13 (High-Frequency Compound Words)

Sort 14 (Syllable Juncture w/ Doublets~VCV & VCCV)

Sort 15 (Syllable Juncture:Open&Closed~VCV&VCCV)Sort 16 (Syllable Juncture:Open&Closed~VCV&VVCV)

Sort 17 (More Syllable Junctures ~ VCCCV & VV)

Sort 18 (Open & Closed Syllables and Inflected Endings)

Sort 19 (Long -a in Accented Syllables)

Sort 20 (Long -i in Accented Syllables)

Sort 21 (Long -o in Accented Syllables)

Sort 22 (Long -u in Accented Syllables)

Sort 23 (Long -e in Accented Syllables)

Sort 24 (Ambiguous Vowels in Accented Syllables)

Sort 25 (More Ambiguous Vowels in Accented Syllables)

Sort 26 (R-Influenced a in Accented Syllables)

Sort 27 (R-Influenced o in Accented Syllables)

Sort 28 (Words with w Before the Vowel)

Sort 29 (er, ir, and ur in First Syllables)

Sort 30 (R-Influenced e in Accented Syllables)





7 Habits to Better Spelling

Be Patient. Learning to become a good speller takes time.

Check your spelling by using a dictionary or list of commonly misspelled words (like your weekly spelling lists).

Learn the correct pronunciation of each word you are trying to spell.

Look up the meaning of each word if you don't know the meaning.

Practice spelling the word, and have someone quiz you.

Keep a list of words in your notebook that you have trouble spelling.

Write and Read regularly.

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