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Congratulations to those students who made it into a new reading club last week.  I am very proud of each one of you!  Keep reading!!!

Harris - 1500 Club                                            

Samantha - 1500 Club                                           

Sienna - 2500 Club                        

Ella - 1500 Club                             

Kyra - 3500 Club

           4000 Club




September Students of the Month   

Note:  A * next to a name indicates that this students also completed 100% of their homework for the entire month!         


Sydney A.            *Carly F.*

 Julia B.               Ryan H.

     *Kyle B.*             Samantha K

Matthew B.            *Sienna M.*

  Nicholas C.            Morgan R.

Devlin CH.                *Robert R.*

Amber C.                *Kyra Z.*

Anthony D.


Criteria for Students of the Month:

Three or less minuses on the behavior chart for the entire month

No more than one missed homework assignment for the month

No pink slips


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