This is a pivotal time in a child's life with respect to reading.  Time is precious; take advantage of this unique window of opportunity and make a difference that will last a lifetime.   The time, energy and love you invest now will have a ripple effect that is infinite!  Refer to the interventions below and maximize a special child's potential for learning!



Read to your child each day.  (In order for your child to see the text, get in the "cuddle position.")


Read with your child each day.


Encourage independent reading, as well as reading aloud to another person.

Visit the library and bookstore often.

Encourage your child to read for a variety of practical reasons: shopping lists, recipes, address books, family photo albums with captions, schedules, etc.

 Create a home environment rich with literature. 
Talk with your child about what they are reading.


Monitor your child's homework and make regular school attendance a priority. Get caught reading by your child.



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