Student Writing


The Weirdest Day Of  My Life

by Cody


     I don’t know if I will see anything in the woods today. Maybe I’ll see a bear in the woods, or a deer, or a fox.

     One dark night I took a walk in the woods. Caw! Caw! Cawed the crow. The wind rustled the trees. I was very scared.

     A few minutes later there was a buzzing sound going on. I thought it must have been a bee. Suddenly, a small little woman just sat on my shoulder. I turned my head very slowly. There was a fairy on my shoulder. Then it flew in front of me and smiled. She had little blue eyes, a small nose, a little mouth and ears as big as finger tips. She also had violet clothes and beautiful violet hair. She was about five inches tall. She seriously scared me when she landed on my shoulder.

     Then she left but I followed her. She led me into a fairy world. Then she said, “Welcome to my world.” I was surprised. I took a lot of walks in the woods, but I never saw this place. Maybe because we fairies put a metal door that blended in with the woods. Oh. The minute I stepped in all the fairies stared at me. Then I said “I won’t tell anybody.  “OK” said all the fairies. My mom expects me home in an hour. So is that ok. Yes, it is ok. I visited a lot of fairies houses. They were the best. I got to eat dinner there and at my house, so I had two dinners. I had ice cream for a snack and a chocolate shake. Today was the best and the weirdest day of my life. The next morning I went to the fairy I met and I found out her name was Wanda. She made breakfast for herself and for me. It was my favorite, pancakes.

     Then I went to a different fairy’s house. It was a boy fairy. We played video games. His name was Austin.

     Then I went home for lunch. It was a ham and cheese sandwich. I went there everyday and I had a blast. One day I had so much fun I lost my way, so I had to sleep at one of the fairy’s homes. My mom didn’t notice.

     Everyday if I got lost I slept at a fairy’s house. The thing I really wish is that I was a fairy.

My Fairy Wish

By Alison


     Oof! I tripped over an old tree stump in the woods. Crack! I stepped on a stick getting up.

      One dark night I took a walk in the woods. The wind rustled the tree’s leaves. The path was over grown with weeds. An owl hooted. An animal scurried in front of me. I didn’t know what it was. The woods were damp and cold. A crow flew over my head. The trees were like a blanket over my head. There was a ripple in the pond under a lily pad. The wind blew my hair in my face. The trees were like humongous giants with dark green leaves. A fish jumped in the pond and made a splash. The moon was bright lighting up the woods.

     Something flew over my head. It was too dark to see what it was. It made a fluttering sound. Butterflies aren’t out a night, I thought. I kept on walking. Something flew around my head. I wondered what it was? Something rustled the bush next to my leg. I stepped back. What was it? I had felt something. I felt my head. I touched a tiny thing. I took the thing off my head it was a ruby red shoe. I still felt something on my head. I took it down. It was like a doll with wings. It was a fairy!

     The fairy had violet hair as thin as a piece of paper. She had almond blue eyes and a diamond mouth. She was one inch tall. She was smaller than a marker. Her wings were pink with two blue stripes. She had a ruby red dress and wore a bracelet. She had a wand with a heart on the tip of it.

   “What is your name” I asked.

   “Ruby” said the fairy. 

   “My name is Alie” whispered Alie.

   “Come to my house in the trees” said Ruby.  Poof!! I turned into a fairy with wings.  She flew up into the trees.  I followed her noiselessly. 

  When we were up in the trees she said “wand” and a door appeared.  She put her hand on the scanner and the door opened.  Her house was so cool!  When we walked in she shut the door behind us.  We went through another door.  Sitting in the middle of  the room was a time traveling bike with two seats.

   “Get on” said Ruby.

    I got on the back seat and she got on the front seat.

   “What time do you want to go to” asked Ruby.

  “Dinosaur time” I said. 

  Ruby said “here we go, hold on.”

  It felt like I was being squeezed through a tight small tube.  Ruby said we were almost there.  Beep!  Ruby ht a button and there was another beep!  We were finally there.

   “Oh I’m so glad that’s over” I said.

  Roar!  “What was that?” I asked.

   “A dinosaur.” Said Ruby.

  “Do you want to go” asked Ruby.

   “One second.” The dinosaur came toward us.  “Let’s go,” I said.  She pushed a button and we were back at her house.

  “I’m never going there again” I said when we were out of the room.  “What time is it?”

   “It is 3:00 in the morning,” said Ruby.

    “I have to get home” I yelled.  “Bye!”

   “Wait” said Ruby.  “You’re still a fairy remember.”  Tile said Ruby.  I was tall again.  I waved to her, and jumped to the ground, and ran home.

  I slammed my bedroom door shut.  That was cool I said to myself.  I don’t want to tell mom about Ruby, she might get mad.  I wonder if I will see Ruby again.   Hope I will.  I remembered when I met Ruby that was funny.  Ruby was a very nice fairy.  She was one of my best friends ever.