News in Room 16



Business Days

by Anthony


     Third grade students are doing something exciting.  Students are having a business day and selling products for people to buy.  It's not real money, it is fake money called Western Bucks.  In 3rd grade you get to make the products and you can set a price on your product.  When you do you're ready to sell your products.



by Aaron


     Third grade students are going to the zoo.  Mr. Feinstein gave us cards to the zoo for being a Feinstein Junior Scholar.  The zoo, I hope is going to be cool.  People say it is.  The zoo is a third grade field trip filled with wild animals from all around the world.  We do not have permission to go yet.   It costs $5.00 to get on the bus but it is free to get into the zoo because we have a card.  We can't wait to go!

Walking Marathon

by Brayden


     Mrs. Martinelli's third grade class went on a walking marathon.  This is what Ethan wrote about what he heard and saw.  There were cars going up and down the street.  Birds were flying through the sky.  Ants were crawling up and down my leg.  One blue butterfly was flying in the sky.  Ethan said he had a lot of fun and that he wanted to do it again. 

Guided Reading

by Megan


     This week in guided reading, students are reading books about people coming from other states or countries.  Last week we were all reading different books about bartering.  Mrs. Martinelli says she always tries to pick similar books.  The book titles are: Mischa Learns English,, Rebecca's Story, Better Than Gold, A Gold Rush Diary, The Best Thanksgiving, and In Two Worlds.  Ethan, a boy in the class, stated that in his group they get ideas from each other and look back in the book for evidence. 

The Pond

by Lindsey


     Over in the back of Western Coventry School there is a pond.  Kids from the school go with their teacher on a walking marathon or just go outside when it gets hot out.  The pond has two benches at the edge of it.  There is a path from the playground to the pond.  When you walk on the path, you see bird houses nailed to the trees.  There are also fallen down trees and branches on the path.  I hope you enjoy seeing the pond!

Math Masters

by Allison


     The last math masters ceremony is just around the corner!  June 5th to be exact.  This program is all about having fun.  Speaking about the program, these are the levels.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication level 1, multiplication level 2, and division are the first five levels.  After you pass all of these levels, you are a math master and get a medal!  The next four are harder levels.  They are addition application, subtraction application, multiplication application and division application.  After you accomplish division application you are a math mentor!  That means you get another  medal and are done with the math masters program!  In Mrs. Martinelli's class there are six math mentors!  Wow!  But even if students are on addition, we will always be proud of everyone.  

Simple Machines

by Emily


     Student's in Mrs. Martinelli's class and I  made a simple machine one day.  Kids are working in groups of three and four.  One group built a wheel and an axle.   It looks just like one.  My group made a lever.  The lever had three classes.  It was hard to see which class worked better.  Another group made a pulley.   I saw that it was hard to put together.  My best friend Megan's group made an incline plane.  It was hard for her group to make it.  We had to show our simple machine.  We also showed the other kids how it works.  We had a blast building simple machines.  There were a  few problems but they did it.  I also had a blast.  That was a really fun day in Mrs. Martinelli's class!

Tech Lab

by Deanna


     This year our teachers made something cool in Western Coventry School.  Something really fun.  Every kid that likes electronics wants one.  It's a tech lab!  We get to do cool things, even assignments.  We get to do powerpoints.  The powerpoints that we did were about us.  You get to do what ever you want to do like an animal or something.  We also did a book chart.  A book chart is a chart that you put your books on that you read.  In the tech lab we go on a teachers website to play on.  You can find homework and you can go on different games and videos and learn a lot.  It is tons of fun.  If you went on you would love it. 

The Pen Club

by Hannah


     The new hit is the Pen Club.  Today I'm talking with Colby.  She said "It is exciting because with a pencil you're writing might be light and with a pen it makes it darker.  It is special to be in the Pen Club because Mrs. Martinelli writes with pen and it makes me feel like a teacher.  The pen club means a lot to me because my sister, Kayla writes with pen.  It makes me feel older.  I don't like the rule of no pen in math!"

     I think Colby had a lot to say!  Also, Deanna wants to say something, " It's fun to write in pen because I never have to sharpen a pencil." 


 I have one more person and her name is Audrey.  She said " I feel like the Pen Club is a reward for improving my writing." 

     A lot of people have an opinion of the Pen Club.  It sounds like so much fun.  I think I should improve so I can get in it! 

     That's all for today and I hope you get in the Pen Club

 Pen Club Members

Mrs. Martinelli