No Peek Sort:    First, the student should write headings at the top of their notebook page.  Next, a family member asks the child a word from his/her list.  The child then writes the word on their sort in the correct column.  Please remind students that this is a "spelling" assignment and that all words should be spelled correctly!

Week of

List 1 -- sort 42

catch, reach, porch, coach, bench, witch, pitch, beach, torch, gulch, pouch, which, sketch, screech, roach, fetch, match, branch, couch, crunch, hutch, rich, switch, much

List 2-- sort 42

question, equal, antique, frequent, quality, equip, squirrel, liquid, racquet, require, squirm, inquire, quaint, equator, sequence, sequel, quotation, conquer, quizzes, banzuet, request, equipment, mosquito, queasy


List 3-- sort 51

darkness, graceful, homeless, carelessness, goodness, colorful, thoughtful, faithful, hopeless, thankfulness, painful, weakness, helplessness, illness, restless, harmless, worthless, kindness, peacefulness, penniless, fearful, happiness, plentiful, dreadful





Here are some samples of terrific meaningful sentences:

As I walk through the breezy woods in the fall, I listen to the soft rustling sound that the leaves make.  (Marissa)


The man had a red and white cane that looked like a peppermint stick. (Alanna)


The rustle of the leaves grew louder as the cars went by. (Tabitha)