Vocabulary Words For the Week of May 19

trickle, plentifully, implored,famine,decreed


 Study for a few minutes each night. Remember, you need to use these words in sentences to show understanding of the word!!

Here are a few examples from previous tests:

1. What might you find in a paddock?

You might find horses, a goat, and cows in a paddock.

2. What does a windbreak do?  

A windbreak is a row of trees planted to block the wind.

3. When you hear the rustle of things being blown by the wind, is the sound more like a whisper or a roar?

When you hear the rustle of things being blown by the wind, it sounds more like a whisper.


All students should be reading 100 minutes per week. Reading slips are due on Friday.  Students should be keeping track of all completed books in their Reader's Notebook.

Reading Slip

Name:_____________________________  Date:____________________

Day of the week_________________ Book Read________________ Minutes Read








Total Minutes for the Week- _________





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