Writing is such a valuable form of communication because it allows a person to truly express their thoughts. With that said it happens to be one of the most complicated processes for a student to learn how to do effectively.

    From the early stages of writing when a child learns how to form letters and associate them with sounds (phonetics) they begin to learn how words are formed. With this growth comes the miraculous transformation into reading. In this stage they experience the authors ability to share information and stories by reading the author's thoughts. Now with this scaffolding of knowledge they are asked to share their thoughts in writing and become writers themselves as well as readers. This is not an easy task. Expressing oneself verbally is a challenge in itself but to write your thoughts requires you to organize them and then express them in words using effective language and vocabulary and finally writing them down. You can appreciate the steps and effort it will take for a young student to learn the writing process.

    In second grade we will be learning various types of writing styles such as Descriptive Narratives, Personal Narratives, How to Paragraphs,  Non-fiction-Informational, Letter Writing, Poems etc. We will approach our writers workshop hour by using The Writing Process which consists of brainstorming ideas and organizing them on a web then we will begin our first draft which will lead us to the editing stages (student edit and teacher edit) and then on to our final copy/publishing stage where we will be ready to share our work.

    Writing effectively is truly an accomplishment to be proud of for both the student and the educator.

A poem by a student.

Once Upon A Student

Once upon a student

A request to write her thoughts.

She stumbled with her pencil

to find the words she sought.


She sat in such amazement

For her mind was given a choice,

Never was her pencil asked

to write in her own voice.


What will the student write?

What will she have to say?

Freedom to express yourself?

No restriction, to obey?


The teacher waited patiently

And studied student's face.

Trusting in her ability to

Let her find her place.


Student's pencil started moving

As though gliding on a ride.

With motion fast and eager,

With ownership and pride.


Once upon a student

A request to write her thoughts.

Now confident in writing

The inspiration teacher taught.

Author ( and once a student herself)

A Fitzgerald