Welcome to Room 13 


    Welcome to fourth grade in Room 13.  This year promises to be filled with excitement and challenges.  My name is Mrs. Deschene and I will be teaching your student in fourth grade.  I have been with Western Coventry School for three years now.  I adore this school and all of the wonderful students here.  This school is filled with warmth from all of the teachers and energy from all of the students who attend Western Coventry School.  Every child has something wonderful to offer to my classroom.  It is exciting to see the new faces, ideas, struggles, and triumphs that can happen all in one year. 

    In fourth grade we will be exploring many different themes.  In the beginning of the year we will be learning about immigration and the hardships of those people who looked for a better life in America.  In the middle of the year we will be learning about the great migration to the West. The Gold Rush is a very interesting time in our history and the students will get a chance to research that time period.  Finally we will be looking at our Earth.  We will be focusing on how the Earth can survive and what we need to do in order to keep Mother Earth and all things that live on it thriving.

    We will also be focusing on Reading Comprehension skills.  Making connections is a skill that will be mastered by the end of fourth grade.  It is important for students not only to find the main points about a story, but also show relationships between  literature and their prior knowledge.  The students will focus on; Text to Text Connections, Text to Self Connections, and Text to World Connections.  This will allow students to look at literature with an open mind and connect their prior knowledge and experiences to what they are reading.  

    Math is always very important in fourth grade.  The students will be responsible for many different tasks in math.  I encourage all students to study their math facts every night.  This skill is crucial to have mastered, in order to work on daily math tasks.  We will discuss many different ways to help students practice their multiplication facts in a fun and inviting environment.  We will also be focusing on Math Problem Solving.  The most important part of problem solving is thinking about the strategy that would work best out of the ten that we have to choose from.  This will guide the student in the right direction to solve the problem successfully.   Finally we will be focusing on skills ranging from addition and subtraction to fractions, multiplication and division.

    As you can see, I have only mentioned a few of the subjects that we will be focusing on, and we have a lot of work ahead of us.  My goal is to make sure that every child feels successful in my classroom.  To some students they may be successful in Math, while others will find success in Writing.  Focusing on those strengths will help the student feel successful in all areas.  Let's face it, we all, even as adults, love to hear that we have done something well.  It is important that the students are surrounded with a positive atmosphere.  This positive atmosphere will allow the student to feel successful in all subjects, even subjects that they never thought they could feel successful in.  I believe that every student is capable of meeting the standard in every subject.  In order to do this we need to look at their strengths and see what techniques will work best to help the student succeed. 

    These goals can not be done alone.  We need to have the support from each student in the classroom, myself and from home.  If we work together as a community of learners, anything is possible.  I look forward to this journey together.    I am sure that this year will be filled with great achievements.



                                                                                        Mrs. Deschene









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