Homework Assignments

Week of 5/8/06




1.  Review spelling words.

2. Math practice sheet



1.  Review spelling words

2.  Read Annie's Gift with a family member.




1.  Review spelling words

2.  Read play with a family member

3.  Review Unit 9 math study guide for test on Tuesday, 5/16.



1.  Review spelling words for a test tomorrow.

2.  Spelling words two times each in cursive.

3.  Review math study guide for a test on Tuesday.



1.  Review study guide for test on Tuesday.



Spelling Words

Regular list                                        Challenge list

stink        drank                                  cradle            crunch

bird          burn                                   program         bronze

brush        break                                frozen            gravity

start         champ                                crayon            different

blend        crab                                   number           another

stomp       steak                                  shampoo         stern